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We are back!
Published on 06-05-2016

Hello friends, 

We started receiving transfer from old PayPal - today we started process the pending withdraws via Payza.  Bitcoin will be added for withdraws in next weeks. 

Revenue Share will be reactivated, but for a limited time will have some changes:

- Memberships will have a small limit till we get back on the sales and we can provide faster withdraws to you.

- Price will be $50 per pack ($60 return)


We are doing our best to have your withdraws paid faster.

Thank you all for understanding! 


PayPal removed.
Published on 03-05-2016


We received the bad news this weekend. PayPal requested us to remove them as payment processor from Your pending withdraws will be all refunded and you can request a new withdraw using Payza. All payments will be made, NO ONE will lose their money! 

Thank you for understanding! 

Sinel C, CEO

PS: I'm doing my best to have your payments sent in 2-3 days. 

Revenue Share News
Published on 29-04-2016

Hello friends, 

We are working to move the entire revenue share part on some custom addon that will use Payza/Bitcoin and a separated revenue earning balance. PayPal will remain active also but will be used for: ptc memberships, rent referrals, buy advertisements and withdraw ptc earning balance. 

Till we finish the coding and testing, the remaining active packs will be processed and paid till the last one. All payments will be maid and no one will lose any previous invested money.

To help our development and speeding the process, we decided to look for a solution that will also give you a reward. The solution is called "Offline Revenue Share" and works like this : 

  • Pack 1 - $50 invested returns $60 in max 60 days
  • Pack 2 - $200 invested return $250 in max 60 days

Only Payza/Bitcoin accepted. Limited time: "Offline Revenue Share" plan will close purchase of packs on 15 May. 

How to: 

  • you can use add funds from your account or send money directly:
  1. Payza:
  2. Bitcoin: 1A41vCDQuxFFZfecjFxakGAn76YPcgB73Y
  • open a support ticket or mail us at
  • receive 25000-100000 PTC credits
  • in max 60 days you will receive your earnings directly to Payza/Bitcoin (the one you used to deposit)

Thank you for using services!

Reopen Revenue Share
Published on 19-04-2016

Hello friends, 

As you know we have closed the revenue share for a few days, we are working and discussing with PayPal some legal terms about this. Alternative to reopen faster the revenue share packs is to receive new funds and transfer some of the old ones from Paypal to Payza. We have moved some of them but not yet completed. 

If you would like to help and speed up the process, please use Payza as deposit option. 

Thank you for understanding! 

Sinel C, CEO

Get + 6 months on any membership
Published on 04-04-2016

Hello members, 

Purchase today any membership upgrade and you receive + 6 months.

Offer is valid till 10.04.2016!